Catalogs are multi-page bound documents. They can range from event or association booklets, glossy product sales tools to corporate training aides. Catalogs often provide comprehensive information about the range of events, ads, products or services. Catalogs that are intended to be kept for longer periods of time often have covers printed on thicker stock for durability.We have various binding options for this product.


The most common order options are 8.5″ x 11″ with 16 pages or more plus the cover on 100# Gloss Text weight paper with 100# Gloss Cover stock for the cover. Almost always, Catalogs are printed in full color on both sides of each page (4/4).For lower quantities and additional stock choices, please check out our 4-Color Digital Catalogs.

Marketing Tips

Catalogs showcase products and their benefits, which helps guide customers to what they would like to buy. They’re a great way to show customers the full range of your products and services. A strong sales tool that many people look to for everything from clothing to electronics and services, catalogs bring the showroom to the customer.Many Catalogs are sent directly to current and prospective customers. If you have a broad product range or your customers need detailed information to make good choices, Catalogs are for you